Smart panel – dimmer – LED

Compatibility: LED monocolor
Working voltage: T1 – 230V AC

B1 – 3V

Output max: 6A / channel
Waterproof: IP20
Certificates: CE, RoHS
Connection: radio waves
Mobile application: No

Controller functions:

  • Turn on / off
  • Brightness dimming
  • 60 s delay off
  • Control 4 zone

Wall panel for controlling mono-colour LEDs. It can replace a remote control or complement it with extra options. There are two versions available depending on power supply: 230V (in-wall cable box, dia. 60 mm) and 3V (mounted on any smooth surface, incl. glass, and battery operated).

The panel features hardened glass which looks stylish and modern to easily match the interior design. It controls mono-colour MiLight receivers which can be assigned to 4 zones.

Smart panel monocolor movie