Garden Lamp LED

Our garden lamps are the only RGB+W solution on the market. The lights merge multi-colour decoration with the functionality of a bright white light. Another feature is the safety of the low-voltage system (24V DC) which eliminates life and health hazards of 230V AC systems in the garden.

Garden lamp features:

  • warranty 4 years
  • energy efficiency
  • high quality LED’s
  • LED lifecycle up to 124,000h
  • waterproof IP67
  • stainless steel
  • easy assembly
  • safety voltage 24V DC
  • Made in Poland

The unique feature of our garden lamps is the free choice of any colour in addition to the bright white light. The can be used to create “light paintings” in the garden and around the house. Low-voltage (24V DC) power supply is another advantage which contributes to enhanced safety of use.

The lamps are stainless steel, and covers are made of polycarbonate for extreme durability and resistance to atmospheric factors.


Safety voltage – 24V DC


LED lifecycle up to 124,000h


LED source of light


Warranty 4 years

Round lamp Black

Round lamp

Colour: black

Pillar diameter: 8 x 8 cm

Height: 50 cm, 80 cm

Square lamp Black

Square lamp

Colour: black

Pillar diameter: 8 x 8 cm

Height: 50 cm, 80 cm

Certyficate CE

Certyficate RoHS

Sealing of the LedBruk IP68 boxes

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