Dusk/down and motion sensors

Supply: 230V AC
Current load: < 10A
Switching threshold (factory setting): ok. 7Lx
Switching threshold (setting range): 2-1000Lx
Histeresis: ok. 15Lx
Switching ON delay: 1-15s
Switching OFF delay: 10-30s
Dimensions: 50 x 67 x 26 mm
Fixing: two screws to substrate
Protection level: IP65

The automated dusk/dawn detection turns on lights on streets, squares, exhibitions, ads, etc. at dusk, and later turns the lights off at dawn.

The sensor needs to be placed in all-time daylight exposure as changes in the light activate the lights or turn them off. The user can set custom activation parameters. When the indicator is set to “moon”, the device will be activated later than when pointing towards “sun”. The device features a delay circuit which prevents interruptions (such as lightning) from activating the system.

Supply: 230V AC
Power of receivers max: 1200W
Color: Biały
Switching threshold: 3 – 2000 lx
Detection range: max. 12 m
Activation period: 1 – 12 min
Power rating: 0,9W
Protection level: IP65

Motion sensor automatically turns lights on for a certain period when a person or other moving object enters the field of detection. The motion sensor allows saving energy because light is used only when needed. The automation makes the system convenient and easy to use.

The lighting system becomes easier and cheaper in use thanks to the motion and dusk/dawn detectors. The sensors work best when installed in corridors, driveways, main door, patios, garages, etc.

The user no longer needs to remember about turning any lights on or off. The automated lights will give extra sense of security and comfort also when trespassers come and lights are activated.