Garden projector Orion version

Type: Garden projector
Waterproof: IP68
Light source: LED
Power supply: 24V DC
LED Lifespan: 124.000h
Dimensions: 343 x 92 mm
Certyficates: CE, RoHS
Warranty: 4 years
Conection method: Hermetic can IP67


Light Colour Power
Neutral White 5W
Cool White 5W
RGB+W Neutral White 8,2W
RGB+W Cool White 8,2W


Product Data Sheet (ENG)
Installation scheme (ENG)

LedBruk garden spotlights are designed for outdoor installation. They are great for lighting large gardens, rockeries, alleys and driveways at single-family homes or the company.

The luminaire made of aluminum has a high resistance to mechanical damage and the penetration of dust and moisture, thanks to the IP68 rating. RGB + W light sources specially designed by us are distinguished by reliability, energy efficiency and high durability.